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The Faculty of Arts with an enrolment of 8,329 students and 202 full-time and 42 part-time academic staff is one of the largest faculties in the University. The Faculty has nine Departments of: Linguistics and Languages, Communication Skills, Literature, Geography and Environmental Studies, History and Archaeological Studies, Psychology, Sociology and Social Work, Political Science and Public Administration, and Philosophy and Religious Studies and one sub –department of French. Within the Faculty there are also the Confucius Institute and the Centre for Human Rights and Peace. In addition, the Faculty collaborates with other institutions such as Utalii College, the Kenya Institute of Administration and the University Library in offering some of its academic programs.


Academic Programs


The Faculty offers a large number of competitive, demand-driven programs ranging from diploma, bachelor, master, post-graduate diploma and Ph.D. The diploma programs include those in: Social work and social development, criminology and social order, cultural tourism, natural resource management, philosophy and psychology. Apart from the mainstream bachelor programs leading to major or minor in various departments, there are three professional programs:  Psychology counseling, social work and criminology and criminal justice. At the master level programs in core disciplines of the departments are strengthened by those in specialized areas including Master in Public Administration, master in various clustered areas of sociology such as rural sociology and community development, counseling and disaster management, master in human rights and peace, master in translation, master in German studies, master in Kiswahili studies, master in armed conflict and peace studies, master in biodiversity and natural resource management and master in library studies. The Ph.D. degree program is offered by nearly all departments.







In 2012 the Faculty graduated 11 Ph.D., 199 Masters, 23 Postgraduate Diploma, 1,372 Bachelors and 193 Diploma students. 


Enrolment- Total student population 2012/2013




Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

















Postgraduate Diploma





















Of the Bachelors students, 228 are distance learning (Module III) while among the Master programmes there are 143 are outreach students.


Research  activities


Chitere, P.O.       (2012) Paratransit Transport Mode in the City of Nairobi, Funded by the African centre for  Excellence for Studies in Public and Non-motorized Transport (ACET), University of Cape Town.

Kabira, W. M.    2011/2012 Budget proposals by the African Women Studies Centre (AWSC) for improvement of the national food security in Kenya presented at public budget hearings of the Parliamentary Budget Committee. AWSC was allocated  81million under the SUNY-Kenya 1 year project

Ocharo, R.M         (2012, March) Research on Seismic vulnerability for hospitals and schools

Ocharo, R.M         (2012 January) Research on Water, Food and Nutritional Security

Ocharo, R.M.     (2012) Scoping study in Kenya to determine the level of risks and vulnerabilities to schools and hospitals to seismicity: The case of Rift Valley Provincial Hospital Nakuru and Nakuru High School. Commissioned by the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR)

Owiti L.           (2012, March – June) Rapid assessment of the Impact of the Sinai Fire Tragedy and Development of a Program for Psychosocial Support for the Victims

Owiti, L.          (2012, Jan. – June) Evaluation of Help-Age Kenya’s Grandparent Programme. Funded by Help-Age International

Mutie, P.M.          (2012, July) “Making Sense of Ethnic Identity in Kenya: Towards Cohesion?”. Funded by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission, Nairobi  

Mutie, P. M.      (2010, November, 2011- February 2012): The Review of the State and Nature of Philanthropy in East Africa. Funded by the East Africa Association of Grantmakers (EAAG)

Nyangau, T.       (2012,February-March)  The Heroin Crisis and the National and Provincial Response: A Rapid Assessment in Kenya’s Coastal Province, Namanga and Nairobi

Wasamba, P.      (2012 July-June 2015) “Establishment of Korean Studies at the University of Nairobi Project.” Supported by the Academy of Korean Studies, Seoul

Wasamba, P.      (2011-2013) “Voices from the Cities: A comparative Study on Urbanization in Kenya and Korea”, supported by the Academy of Korean Studies, Seoul.  (USD 82000)

Wasamba, P.      2011-2014 “Bridging the Divide: Networking African and Korean Researchers,” supported by the Academy of Korean Studies, Seoul. (USD 63,000)

Zani A.            (2012 September) Water harvesting project in Makueni, Kenya

Zani A.                 (2012) A project from KAWBO that assesses business enterprises by Kenyan women entrepreneurs

Zani A,                 (2012, August) Digital planning for Mariakani Town Council funded by Ministry of Local Government, Kenya





Dr. Iribe Mwangi 2012 December, Translators Without Borders (TWB) Empowerment Award - Awarded to an individual whose work has allowed TWB to increase language capacity within a critical region of the world.

Dr. Michael Ndurumo




Ayiemba, E.H.O. (2012)  Effects of technological development on rural livelihoods in the developing world: A case study of effects of a large scale multipurpose dam on malaria prevalence in a rural community around Kenya’s largest dam. European Scientific Journal 8 (14): 132-143

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Mwangi, I.        (2012) Othello, A translation of William Shakespeare’s play. Nairobi: Oxford University Press.

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Wotsuna, A.C.    (2012) The role of indigenous Languages in Kenya: A case for using them as languages of instruction throughout Primary Schools.  In: University of Nairobi Journal of Language and Linguistics, Vol. 2

Papers Presented at International Conferences


Dr. Iribe Mwangi “Distance Education in Kenya: Experiences from M.A Linguistics & Kiswahili Outreach Programme”, Jilin University, Chungchun, China. June 26, 2012


Dr. Iribe Mwangi “Written Kikuyu as an Endangered Language Form: Evidence from an Exploration of its Phonology and Orthography” Paper presented  at the Conference on Imagining the Intangible Language, Literature and Visual Arts of the Indigenous, Vadodara, Gujarat – India, Jan. 5, 2012


Dr. Wairire, G. G. Prospects and challenges for social work in poverty reduction and the realization of millennium development goals in East Africa. A paper presented at the World Conference for Social work themed ‘Social Work and Social Development 2012: Action and Impact’ held in Stockholm- Sweden from 8-12 July, 2012


Dr. Wairire, G.G. The Global Agenda For Social Work And Social Development in The Context Of Existing Social Work Realities In East Africa A paper presented at the International Symposium themed ‘Social Work and Poverty Reduction in East Africa: The Role of Social Work’ held on 26th June 2012 at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, Austria


Dr. Wairire, G.G. Social Work in Post Traumatic Stress Related Scenarios in Kenya. A paper presented in a guest lecture on 23rd June 2012 at Alpen Adria University - Klugenfurt , Austria


Dr. Akaranga Stephen Come, See, Pay And Receive Your Miracles And Healing: New Pentecostalism In Kenyan Urban Centres.  A paper presented at the Conference on Roho Christianity: Pentecostalism in a Globalized African Public Space, Hosted by  Kenyatta University, 6th to 9th December, 2012


Akaranga Stephen, Mombasa Republican Council: A Socio-Political and Economic Challenge To Kenyan Government Development Plan. Paper presented at the National OSSREA Kenya Chapter Workshop, Hosted at Moi University, Kenya, 3rd to 4th December, 2012


Akaranga Stephen, African Traditional Cultural Conundrums which Make Women Prone To Hiv/ Aids Infections: A Case Of the Maasai Of Kenya. Paper presented at the First Kenyatta University Conference on Gender Based Violence, Hosted at Kenyatta University Nairobi, 3rd to 4th December, 2012-1st to 5th August, 2012

Akaranga Stephen , The Dynamics Of Religiosity and Spirituality in Kenyan Public Universities. Paper presented at the Religious Mobility in East Africa –  The Catholic University of East Africa, Nairobi, 24th to 26th April 2012


  • . P. Nyinguro; Workshop on Post Graduate Supervision and Examination of Thesis, Moi University School of Education, Margaret Thatcher Library 19 – 20th January 2012

Dr. Helga Schroeder, Reference assignment in pronominal languages, relevance theoretical approach. Paper presented at the Intercultural, Cognitive and Social Pragmatics,  14 – 16 March 2012, Seville, Spain


Dr. Helga Schroeder New Developments in Linguistics Pragmatics.  Paper presented at the Conference on “The Pragmatics of clause chaining, the case of Toposa, an Eastern Nilotic language”, 26 – 28 May 2012, Lodz, Poland.


Dr. Rayya Timmamy, Compilation of a Thesis Examination Report presented at a Workshop on Supervision and Examination of Theses, Moi University 19th – 20th January, 2012

Prof. V.G. Simiyu, “The Role of the State in National Cohesion and Integration”, paper presented at the various NCIC Diversity Talks and Conversations, From July 2011 to April 2012

Dr. Gona, G.,  “Elusive Peace in Kenya”. Paper presented at the public forum organised by Twaweza and Ahadi Kenya, Pride Inn Hotel, August 2012


Dr. Mary Mwiandi, Emerging Issues in the Eastern Region of    Kenya. Paper presented at the People’s Conference: National Diversity  Race and Ethnicity organised by NCIC at KICC, Nairobi - March 12-13 2012


Dr. Esther Omondi , “The Role of The Teacher in Developing Critical Thinking in Early Learners”. Paper presented at the seven- day training workshop on Inside-Outside Learning Strategies   from 16th –30th August, the Inside-Outside Education Institute, Salt Lake City, USA

George Otieno Odeny, “Political Struggles in Kenya: Political Parties’ Coalitions or Ethno-Regional Alliances, 2002 – 2011”. Paper presented at Marist International University College, A Constituent College of Catholic University of Eastern Africa, on 21st June 2012

Dr. Patrick O. Nyabul , “The Government of Kenya and the ICC Relationship Following the Post Election Violence in 2008”.  Paper presented  at the International Conference on “The ICC, Judicial Governance and Trends of Justice”, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 3rd-4th December, 2012


V.G. Simiyu, “What Should Kenyans Do to Become a Nation”, Paper presented at the NCIC People’s Conference held at Kenyatta International Conference Centre, March 12 – 13, 2012

V.G. Simiyu, “ Revision of the school Syllabuses and textbooks of Social Studies at Primary School level ( STD TWO – STD EIGHT) and History and Government, (FORM ONE – FORM FOUR) at  the  Secondary School level”. Paper presented at the NCIC Seminars, Karen KCB Leadership Centre, 20 and 27 July, 2012

Ayiemba, E.H.O. “Household formation and marriage in Kenya”. Paper presented at the 4th Population Association of Kenya Conference. Nairobi, Kenya, 23-25 October, 2012


Karingi, L.K.,  “Land and environment” Paper presented at the Embu County Strategy Workshop. Embu, Kenya, June, 2012


Marani, M. “Emergency situations and humanitarian response in Kenya”. Paper presented at the 4th Population Association of Kenya Conference. Nairobi, Kenya, 23-25 October, 2012


Marani, M. “Methods and instruments for case study writing. Paper presented at the OSIEA/UISU/KIA Crime Prevention Review Retreat. Nairobi, Kenya, 7-8 May 2012


Marani, M. Conflict and cooperation over natural resources – the role of customary governance traditional institutions. Paper presented at the Conflict and Cooperation over Natural Resources in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands in Kenya Workshop. Mwingi, Kenya, 2-4 August 2012


Ndogoni, L.K. “Processing traumatic experiences from gender based abuse and violence among communities”. Paper presented at Kenya Peace Initiative Conference. Nairobi, Kenya, 11-15 April 2012


Ndogoni, L.K. “Managing the health, safety and well-being of aid workers: An integrated approach”. Paper presented at the Inter-Agency Working Group/People in Aid-UK Conference. Nairobi, Kenya, 12-14 June 2012


Ndogoni, L.K. “Implementing an evidence-based community mental health support intervention to improve function and economic development. Paper presented at the World Vision-Australia Capacity Building Conference. Nairobi, Kenya, 12-20 November 2012


Dr. Oluoko-Odingo, A.A. “Climate change, gender and reproductive health for sustainable development”. Paper presented at the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) Capacity Building Workshop. Arusha, Tanzania, 5-6 September2012


Dr. Owuor, S.O. “Trends and patterns of urbanization in Kenya”. Paper presented at the First International Conference on Urbanization and Rural-Urban Migration in Sub-Saharan Africa. Nairobi, Kenya, 22-27, November2012


Ms Shah, P. “The role of Kenya government in safeguarding Lake Naivasha”. Paper presented at the 50thAfrican Studies Conference. University of Edinburg, England, 5-8 June2012

Dr. Wambua, B. “Promoting services trade in developing countries: Chasing a black cat in a dark room”. Paper presented at the 6th TRAPCA Conference. Arusha, Tanzania, 22-23 November, 2012


Dr. Wambua, B. “African trade under climate change and the green global economy”. Paper presented at the 5th TRAPCA Conference. Arusha, Tanzania, 7-8 August 2012


Prof. Wanjiku M. Kabira, Mainstreaming Gender in Policies and Programmes: A Training Session For Parliamentary Research Department, Internship Programme at The Kenya National Assembly on August 30, 2012

Prof. Wanjiku M. Kabira: The Historical Journey of Women’s Leadership in Kenya.  Paper presented at Regional Dialogue on Women Political Leadership: Lessons from experiences of Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana and South Africa at Safari Park Hotel on August 14-16, 2012

Dr. Alex Nelungo Wanjala, “Sheng: Verbalising the Paroles of Kenya’s Transnation.” A paper presented at the 1st Kenya Oral Literature Association Eastern African Cultural Forum. University of Nairobi, Kenya. 7th-10th November 2012

Dr. Alex Nelungo Wanjala ,”The Poetics of Genge: Jua Cali’s Niimbie.” A paper presented at the 26th annual MELUS conference and 6th conference of the United States Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (USACLALS), University of Santa Clara, California, United States of America, 20th April 2012

Dr. Alex Nelungo Wanjala, “Narrating the Trauma of the Abuse of Human Rights: Rebeka Njau’s The Sacred Seed.”Paper presented at the annual African Literature Association conference, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, United States of America, 12th April 2012

Dr.Alex Nelungo Wanjala, “Poverty in Kenya: Insights from a Critique of Selected Novels.” A paper presented at a round table discussion on global poverty, Centre for Human Rights and Peace, University of Nairobi, 13th-14th February 2012

Dr. Alex Nelungo Wanjala,  “Historiography or Imagination? The Documentation of Luo Traditional Cultural Memory in Kenyan Fiction.” A paper presented at the CHOTRO 4 conference in Vadodara-Tejgadh, India, 6th-8th January 2012

Dr. Mutie, P., “Making Sense of Ethnic Identity in Kenya: Towards Cohesion?”. Paper presented at the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) Workshop at KCB Leadership Centre in Karen, Nairobi, July 2012


Dr. Mutie P., “The Quest for Clean Water in Kenya: Social Workers Uneasy Role and Facilitating Social Development in Multiethnic Regions in Kenya”. Paper presented at the Joint World Conference on Social Work and Social Development in Stockholm, Sweden, July 2012



  • Department of Political Science and Public Administration: Four student nominees for Karamazoo College Student Exchange Programme
  • The Department of Literature in collaboration with the Ministry of Education launched the Film Genre as a component in the annual Kenya National Drama Festival. The launch was held at Kakamega High School from 9th April 2012 to 19th April 2012
  • The Department of Literature launched a College tour of the Free Travelling Theatre Led by its lecturers, Dr. Simon Otieno and Mr. Kimingichi Wabende.  Twenty two (22) students performed a play titled VISIKI whose theme is National Cohesion and Respect our Ethnic Identities
  • Department of Political Science and Public Administration organized: Public Lecture on Democracy and Development By Larry Diamond, Director, Centre for Democracy, Development and Rule of Law, Stanford University, USA. On 30th March, 2012
  • Public Lecture Entittled: International Trade & Development by Niccolo Rinaldi on 21st March, 2012
  • Inaugural Lecture Entitled’ Herbal Medicines: Do They Really Work? By Prof. Julius W. Mwangi, on 14th March, 2012
  • Dr. Iribe Mwangi Member, Board of Directors, Usalama Watch Initiative, an NGO aimed at curbing road accidents and offering support to accident victims and their families since Jan., 2012
  • Dr. Iribe Mwangi Present from Jan. 2012 Secretary, Board of Directors, TWB Health Translation Center, a charitable organization that translates health materials to ease accessibility to health information
  • Prof. Paul Mbatia, Department of Sociology and Prof. Wesley Shrum, a Sociologist at Louisiana State University,  produced a documentary movie dubbed Brother Time. The movie is a Kenyan tale of violence and humanity. Brother Time is a tale of two Rift Valley neighbours, whose friendship turn to conflict as ethnic passions threatene d to engulf them. The film was narrated by Kenyans who witnessed ‘the clashes.’ It is a peace building documentary film made for the 2013 general election
  • Prof. J.N.K. Mugambi 2012 External Examiner, School of Mission and Theology, Savanger, Norway, 27-31 August 2012
  • Prof. J.N.K. Mugambi 2012 Guest Lecturer— Africa International University, Nairobi, 30 May, 2012
  • Gona, G. March 2012, Resource Person for Peoples Conference, “National Dialogues: Emerging Issues from the Coast”, (UNDP and NCIC)
  • Gona, G. February 2012, Member of the Drafting Committee on National Race and Ethnic Policy for the Kenya National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC)
  • Dr. Ocharo, 31.01.2012: Gave a talk on Opinion poll – KTN
  • Dr. Mutie P.,October 2008 to-date: Chair, Board of Governors, Kathonzweni Girls Secondary School, Kathonzweni District



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