impact of Performance Appraisal system on work performance

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The main objective of the study was to examine the impact of Performance Appraisal system on work performance. The study was carried out at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Office of the Vice President where fifty-one employees were used as the target sample. The study examined three sections of Performance Appraisal System and how they influence work performance. The key sections were target setting, training and development and finally rewards and sanctions. To achieve the objective the research adopted mixed research design whereby both quantitative and qualitative methods was used to collect data. Primary data was collected through structured questionnaire and an interview schedule on selected key informants who were mainly

supervisors and head of sections. Secondary data was collected through published and printed text books, journals, government research reports and trusted websites. Cluster sampling technique was used to get the respondents for the structured questionnaire. Purposive sampling was adapted for six key informants. The results of the study revealed that PAS has a positive impact on work performance. The employees in the Ministry participate in the setting of the Ministry’s objectives. It is however important to note that though most employees had embraced the tool there were some key areas such as training and development, rewards and sanctioning of employees which still needs to be reviewed as most respondents views were divided on those particular areas of study. A clear framework should be developed on how to implement the training and staff development within the Ministry. Rewards and sanction should be done in a transparent and accountable manner. PAS needs to be subjected to continuous review in order to keep up with changing global trends.

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