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The purpose of this study was to establish the impact of corruption on service delivery in the Ministry of  Lands. The trend of corruption and performance in service delivery for the Ministry of Lands was examined before the impact was established. It is argued that corruption leads to an increase in the cost of public goods and loss of revenue both of which lead to poor service delivery. The study uses secondary data from Ethics and Anti – Corruption Commission and the public Sector Reforms and Performance Contracting secretariat for the period 2005 to 2012. The corruption trend over the period assumed a second degree polynomial (quadratic) functional structure while, service delivery trend assumed  a  linear  function.  A  negative  Pearson‟s correlation  was  established  between corruption and service delivery in the ministry of Lands. The researcher recommends a study be carried out to assess the effectiveness of the corruption measures that have been put in place in the Ministry of Lands. A second recommendation is that, the department of Publ ic Sector Reforms and Performance Contracting with corroboration with the Ministry of Lands to develop models for setting of future targets. In addition the researcher recommends that the ministry of lands carries an assessment of the procedures/processes  with the aim of identifying loopholes and weakness that may foster corruption.

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