COMPETING PUBLIC SECTOR VALUES AND THE APPOINTMENT OF SENIOR PUBLIC SERVANTS IN KENYA ABSTRACT The objective of this study is to assess the balancing act of public sector values m the appointment of senior public offici

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The  objective   of  this   study   is  to  assess   the  balancing   act  of  public   sector   values   m  the appointment of senior public  officials  in the public service.


This study  adopted   a  qualitative   research   approach   using   secondary    research   on  existing materials and  information.   These  secondary  materials  consisted  of legal  provisions,   reports  and correspondences  from  various  bodies  on the recruitments  as well as commentaries   appearing  in the mainstream  media  in Kenya.  These data was inserted  into grids with values  derived  from the conceptual framework.   Content  analysis  was  conducted  on all the  secondary  materials  and data was classified  according  to the categories  of merit, representation  and due process.


This study established  that the public  service values of merit and representation   were emphasized more in  some  recruitments   that  in  others.  It emerged   that  various  public   service  values  and principles were  applied  differently  at the different  stages  of recruitment   and  selection.  What  is however  glaring  is  the  fact  that  the  selection  criteria  were  not  applied  uniformly   and  in  this process, out of political  interference.    The implications   of this  study  will  be to act a significant influence to push  for  clear  policies  as to how  the recruitment   and  selection  process  should  be undertaken in future.

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