Soka University, Japan and the University of Nairobi through their long standing partnership have established a liaison office at UoN. The establishment of the office has been fully funded by Soka University.

Following an MoU initially signed in 1988, the two universities have immensely benefitted from academic, cultural and language exchange. Staff and students have also benefited from joint research initiatives while UoN students have received financial support through scholarship opportunities.

At the opening ceremony held virtually on August 20, 2021 the Vice - chancellor, University of Nairobi, Prof. Stephen Kiama thanked SOKA University for funding the establishment of the Office and he hoped that the Liaison Office would strengthen the 20 year plus partnership between the two universities.

“I would like to thank Soka University, most sincerely, for funding the establishment of this office, funding our students and for the long standing relationship. It is my hope that as we strengthen ties through this office, we will manage to develop joint proposals to attract grants funding in order to support joint research by scholars in the two institutions.”

 “Now that we have a Liaison Office, the students who visit will have a place to meet and discuss their ideas and views. This collaboration will open wide doors for cultural experiences for our students,” acknowledged the Executive Dean, Faculty of Arts, Prof. Ephrahim Wahome.

Prof. Wahome echoed the Vice Chancellors sentiments with regards to Liasion Office being crucial in strengthening the already established partnership.

The President, Soka University, Yoshihisa Baba recognized the need to nurture with the capabilities of finding solutions to some of the world’s problems. “The friendship between the two Universities will strengthen the network for research and academic exchange. It is imperative to foster capable individuals who can find solutions to global challenges.”

“Graduates who studied the University of Nairobi are active around the world, at the United Nations and other International Organizations,” were the remarks by the Chairman Board of Trustees, Soka University, Yasunori Tashiro. Prof. Tashiro went on to share sentiments by the SOKA University Founder Daisaku Ikeda.

 “As the founder of SOKA University I am truly moved and delighted that this occasion was made possible by the University of Nairobi.” Prof. Ikeda recalled students sharing positive experiences of their encounters at the University of Nairobi. “It brings me great joy that the exchanges between University of Nairobi and SOKA are developing each year.”

The Ambassador, Japan – Kenya, H. E. Ambassador Ryoichi Horie, an Alumni of Soka University, affirmed the embassy’s commitment to facilitating deeper and wider exchanges in education and research. He recognized the University of Nairobi’s standing as one of the leading universities not only in Kenya but also globally.