Prof. Habwe has co-authored a new Kiswahili language dictionary titled KAMUSI ELEZI. The dictionary was released by Jomo Kenyatta Foundation in May 2016.

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Prof.Timammy Rayya, Sally Thitu Muiruri and Dr.Miriam Musonye

Ms.Sally Thitu Muiruri emerged as the best Actress during Kenya National Drama Festival awards, she was the lead actress in the Epitaph, a film that was about drugs in Kenya High Schools and the effects of drug abuse among young High School Students in Kenya.

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The students received awards donated by 82 donors, among the awards is the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Trustee Fund which is in form of a gold medal to the best overall student in the University with the highest proficiency in both academic and extra-curricular activities. The awards went to Hussein Maimuna (2011/2012) and Victor Juma (2012/2013).

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On April 25th 2016, seven people from the Counselors Office of the State Council visited Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi (CIUON). Counselors Office of the State Council is under the direct control of State Council. Xu Lin, head of the Confucius Institute, is one of the Counselors.

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Message from the Dean

Het spelen van leuke spelletjes online is geweldig. Met de komst van online blackjack is dit alleen maar beter geworden.

Prof. Peter Wasamba

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