University of Nairobi is the home of talents. Students from the Faculty of Arts came out to showcase their God given talents; singing, dancing, spoken word among others.  The auditions for the Talents show was held on November 15 2021 at the University of Nairobi Towers. 

Students who were out to outdo each other and be selected for the next and final round of the Talent Show were full of energy, excitement as they performed to the exhilaration of Judges and the audience.

Speaking after the Talents Show Dr. Kimingichi Kabende, one of the Judges, from the Department of Linguistics observed that the students needed to connect their performance to the songs being sang and this would go a long way in helping them improve.

He pointed out that students need to be more confident during their presentation. To the students who had forgotten their lines, they were encouraged to master their lines. “You need to master the lines, especially those who are presenting poems”, he said.

Dr. Kibende who also teaches business students observed that students need to know their products and need to be enthusiastic when selling their products. “For you, your product is your presentation, your performance; be it a song, a poem, dancing. You need to know your product and be confident when presenting it,” he said.

Dr. Fred Ato, the Director, University of Nairobi Choir and a fellow Judge of Talent Show, pointed out that the students need to be well prepared before doing their presentations to the Judges. He also pointed out the need for students to connect with the audience. “You are artistic. Remember communication is key. You need to interact with the audience so that they can feel you” he said.

For those who were singing, he pointed out that they need to get out of their speaking voice, their natural voice and engage a higher key when singing. Students were also urged to coordinate body, vocal and facial expressions during their performances.


The main event , the Grand Finale : University Got Talent will take place on December, 10, 2021.